Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thank you

              7 weeks ago I started this blog based on One Direction, but it has gotten to be more than that. I have truly loved updating and just ranting about these 5 (4 now) boys that mean the world to me. Yes, I’m 15 and yes I do love One Direction and I’m not ashamed for loving them and their music. People can make fun of me all they want for making this blog about them or just talking about them non-stop but I don’t care. These 5 boys are such incredible human beings inside and out who don’t deserve all this hate and ridicule. Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn have grown up to be the greatest and most known band in the whole world coming from small towns in England, all with messed up backgrounds. Although Zayn left the group to be on a solo career, the rest of One Direction have become stronger musically and also made amends with Zayn. I love these boys so much, they have helped me through so much. I’m not saying they saved my life, but they sure did help me experience a new side of music that I didn’t know I would truly love. To conclude this blog I just want to say thank you for everyone who read this, not only the ones who are in my class, but everyone. And lastly, a big thank you to One Direction, the boys who I discovered one night 5 years ago, never knowing that I would soon become their biggest fan.
Thank you,

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Oh that's where Zayn went

From Green Day to ‘N SYNC and now to One Direction, there has always been a band member who left whether it was because of the abuse of drugs/alcohol, the need for a solo career, or just to step out of the life of fame. The thing that these past members from bands have in common was that they were all straight up about the cause of leaving. These goodbyes have always been sincere... just not the way Zayn Malik did it. On March 25th, a Facebook statement announced that he was leaving, later following an interview saying he was leaving to spend time with his fiancée and to be “normal.” Of course every fan shared their moment of confusion, anger, and especially heartbreak, but all everyone really wanted was for him to stop being “sad” and to start loving life as he originally told all of us many times.          
As the days past, there were posts, articles, and rumors going around saying he was going to come back during the summer of 2015. That was probably the only thing I was holding onto until I saw on twitter that he was back in the studio… by himself with someone named Naughty Boy which is a producer. I realized after a couple of days when he dropped his single onto SoundCloud, and received an award for his song that he didn’t really want to leave the spotlight but he wanted to have the spotlight only on him instead of him and his 4 best friends.

Till next week,

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Where's Zayn?

Finally, the post that I have been looking forward (and not) to. March 25, 2015. The day that past member Zayn Malik left One Direction. For a couple of months, he was missing concerts due to mental health and rumors spreading about cheating on his fiancée Perrie Edwards. Fans of course were concerned but no one would really expected or imagined that he would leave the band a month later. On the 25th   of March at 11:30 am, One Direction posted a link on Twitter. I didn’t bother checking it because I just assumed it was about upcoming concerts, but 2 minutes later I got text message after text message telling me to check One Direction’s Twitter.
The link was a Facebook statement, and after reading it I had to read it 4 more times to wrap my mind around the fact that the member with the strongest voice in the group, the most solos (especially in You & I), and the one who said they were definitely going to stay together, that this wasn’t the last of One Direction left. Although I was extremely sad and mad at the moment, I just wanted for Zayn to be happy and respect that he didn’t want to be in the spotlight anymore. I understood that he wanted to “be a normal 22 year old”, but what I didn’t and still don’t understand is how he thinks he could just stop being famous. He left the biggest band in the world and what? He just expected to walk on the street the next day and have no one recognize him? Still to this day, 2 and a half months later he still hasn’t given the fans a proper goodbye to an incredible 5 years or said exactly why he left. The Facebook statement didn’t even come from him, but from management!! Next week I’ll explain in depth how shady this whole situation is.

Till next week,