Thursday, May 14, 2015

Oh that's where Zayn went

From Green Day to ‘N SYNC and now to One Direction, there has always been a band member who left whether it was because of the abuse of drugs/alcohol, the need for a solo career, or just to step out of the life of fame. The thing that these past members from bands have in common was that they were all straight up about the cause of leaving. These goodbyes have always been sincere... just not the way Zayn Malik did it. On March 25th, a Facebook statement announced that he was leaving, later following an interview saying he was leaving to spend time with his fiancée and to be “normal.” Of course every fan shared their moment of confusion, anger, and especially heartbreak, but all everyone really wanted was for him to stop being “sad” and to start loving life as he originally told all of us many times.          
As the days past, there were posts, articles, and rumors going around saying he was going to come back during the summer of 2015. That was probably the only thing I was holding onto until I saw on twitter that he was back in the studio… by himself with someone named Naughty Boy which is a producer. I realized after a couple of days when he dropped his single onto SoundCloud, and received an award for his song that he didn’t really want to leave the spotlight but he wanted to have the spotlight only on him instead of him and his 4 best friends.

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  1. Although I am extremely disconnected from the world of modern pop music and bands such as One Direction, I can definitely understand what you explained in this post as far as certain band members leaving their respective bands for the wrong reasons. My blog post this week about Fleetwood Mac actually talked a lot about this situation, and band members parting ways with their old buddies for solo careers and personal issues is more prevalent than most people think. I admire the way you brought this to the attention of your readers. I also think your choice of background for this blog is appropriate and attractive. :) Good job.